Niberma is a company with ample experience in installation, distribution and sales of athletics fields all over the country. All of our athletics fields comply the Spanish Athletics Federation guidelines.


Niberma installs athletics fields with TRACKTEC, EPDM or projected system. This combines perfectly the athlete’s comfort and an excellent quality/price balance.  This sort of athletics fields ensures materials durability and the visibility in the area where it is installed. The main advantages are:

– Excellent quality
– Price
– Harmony and integrated with the environment
– Low surface abrasion
– Low maintenance of the field and track
– Ideal for elite or beginner athletes, it reduces the chance of injury.
– Sunlight resistance
– Excellent drainage system

And overall, this athletics field and track can be used 24/7 even under the worst conditions.

Video Planomatic y Mixmatic, realización de muestras en nuestras instalaciones de nuestro sistema Niberma Tracktech 15mm.


Surface cleaning:

These sorts of surfaces cannot be mopped due to their rough texture of the track   so it will be cleaned by high-pressure water and neutral soap with a water jet and diffuser.  It is to be considered that there are some water compressors that can deliver a very high pressure and can detach the marking lines. Due to this fact, it is not recommended to put the diffuser too close to the lines on the athletics surface.



Draining waterways in athletics outdoors surfaces tend to fill with dirt and sand from the jumping pit. This may make them lose efficiency and even to grow weeds; to avoid it, they should be cleaned with pressured water and any sediment present near the sanitizing network must be removed.



Procedure                                                        Frequency

Superficial dirt cleaning                                           quarterly

Waterways cleaning                                                   annually, prior to rain season



In this case, the preventive maintenance procedures narrow down to:

Watering: Aiming at a better plasticity of the sand, which is very important for athletes’ security  and enhances cohesion of the sand due to water superficial tension that makes the marks in the sand don’t crumble. This allows the jury and the athletes themselves to easily recognize the exact point of landing.

Compaction: Sand pits tend to get compacted with usage losing their qualities of cushioning impacts ; in order to avoid this, it is necessary to carry out de-compaction. This procedure in this sort of facility has to be thoroughly done as a superficial procedure would not help maintain the proprieties that are necessary in this kind of surfaces. This procedure can be carried out by manual means such as hoe (although it requires a big effort to go to the recommend depth of 30 – 40 cm) or by mechanical means like rotovator getting as deep as possible.



Procedure                                                                   Frequency

watering                                                                      Prior to jumping competition

De-compacting                                                          Quarterly and depending on usage.

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