Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Given the complexity in the election of floors or surfaces for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Niberma recommends contacting our Technical Department that will issue a FREE and non-binding REPORT on the current state of your floor (humidity, concrete resistance, pathology of the surface) that will ease the choice of the ideal surface.

Floors and surfaces for chemical and pharmaceutical industries must fulfil some mandatory requirements described in the regulations and inspected by Health Services. This requirements boil down to:

Resistance: It is compulsory that the surfaces offer chemical resistance to certain elements that are highly corrosive and dangerous and also mechanical resistance to endure the action of heavy-duty machinery.

Cleanness: surfaces must be easy to clean, junction free and easy to maintain.

Permeability: the surface must be waterproof, this requirement helps the floors be longer lasting and prevents liquids from penetrating under the ground.

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