Elastic Base

Using an elastic base or shock pad NIBERMA in the building of a football field confers a greater elasticity to the turf or couch-grass. Yet, the election will, very often, depend on climatological and geographical factors. In these cases, the comfort offered by granulated rubber may be accompanied by an elastic base or shock pad that sometimes can replace asphalt concrete. The elastic layer “in situ” or shock pad (10 to 25 mm) is made of 100% SBR granulated rubber and mixed with a special polyurethane agglutinative. It is lied down with a special leveler and compacter Planomatic machine equipped with a vibrating and heated ruler.

The current turf products for football surfaces that include an elastic layer or shock pad offer better performance that allows them to fulfill the requirements established by the European regulation  UNE-EN 15330-1:2014 and the FIFA dividing football fields into:


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