Engineering and Architecture

Nowadays, industry in all its sectors is focused on producing products to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. In Niberma you can find a turn key, global and integrated solution to any projects within industral, civil or commercial scope.  We are a highly-specialized company that provides innovative solutions to concrete problems set out by our clients.

Our clients and our projects are our best portfolio.

What kind of problems can we solve in the industrial sector?

Application and management of grants in official and private organizations.

Finding and managing the acquisition or renting of industrial statement.

Application for licenses or  documents required by city halls or different bodies.

Execution and elaboration of projects.

Fitting industrial installations to regulations:

  • Energetic efficiency
  • Quality ISO, BRC, IFS.
  • European sanitary normative CE 825/2004
  • Technical code of edification Royal Decree 314/2016
  • Anti-slippery regulation  UNE-ENV 12633:2003

You can ask for a free audit * of the current status of your industrial installation or the upcoming one  that will ease choosing suitable solutions for your problems.

Our experience is based on the following sectors:

  • Consulting and engineering of industrial and architecture projects.
  • Food and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Logistics and distribution.
  • IV & V gamma industries
  • Walk-in freezers and aux installations
  • Corporate venues, food and catering
  • Urban and building planning.

Niberma encompasses all building aspects, from engineering to building execution and latter maintenance. Additionally, we count on several specialized support units such as metal structure, machinery services, infrastructure maintenance, refurbishing, flooring and industrial surfaces.

Niberma’s goal is that of catering for market demands, continuous efficiency improvement  in all areas, fostering innovation and, overall, the best quality in all of our projects.

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