Epoxi Paint

NIBERMA TC EPOXI paint systems are suitable for med-low mechanical stress areas like warehouses or parking places. It must be used in areas with no contact with sunlight.

NIBERMA TC EPOXI paint indoor system is very appropriate for parking places and industrial wards with low mechanical stress with a satin finish. We also have an anti-slippery version of our epoxy paint for floors ( R ).

This is an ideal paint system for a place with a heavy transit of vehicles. Epoxi paint for floors must be handled by professionals, in NIBERMA we count on a team of epoxy paint installers with over 20 years of experience that guarantees the correct execution of the works.

Due to its features, it is the perfect paint for garage floors and it offers a number of advantages:

– It is more efficient and longer lasting than other products like concrete, asphalt, terrazzo, etc.
– It is more hygienic and better quality than other products like concrete, asphalt, terrazzo, etc.
– It offers countless finish colors that ensure spectacular results.
– It is ideal to endure light transit of vehicles and people so it is perfect for garage floors.
– It needs minimum maintenance and it is very easy to clean.
– There is an anti-slippery version ( R )
– It is anti-dust.

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