Niberma is a company with ample experience in manufacturing, constructing and selling turf for football fields all over the national territory meeting the most demanding quality regulations.

Football fields:

Niberma Soccer turf is made of polyethylene straight fiber and derivatives and the filling is made of silica sand and small elastic granulate. This offers the player a low-abrasive, elastic surface that lessens the injury risk.




Niberma Soccer turf can be installed in different heights and sorts of fiber that offer optimum solutions for the different levels of training and competition in football and they can be certified for first level matches.





MFL Niberma Soccer turf is made of single-thread fiber. The physical characteristics resemble those of lawn in a natural grass field well taken care of. It combines the technical quality of game with player comfort and long durability. It is perfect for football practice in any weather condition. It easily absorbs water and requires little watering.  MFL Niberma Soccer turf is the first choice for high-quality fields’ mangers with an intensive usage.

FBR Niberma Soccer turf is made of low-resistance to movement fiber. The field has a green aspect with a big resemblance to natural lawn. It is the perfect choice for training fields, mid-level competitions and, by and large, anywhere looking for an evergreen look.

MXT Niberma Soccer turf is the latest contribution of Niberma to durability and aspect in football fields as well as the comfort to players and game quality. It is based in low-abrasive fibers and elastic granulate & sand filling that takes the performance of football fields to levels never reached before.



Niberma Soccer turf filling is made of silica sand and small elastic granulate. Silica sand granule gauge ranges from o,2 to o,8 mm approx. A variable quantity is spread out depending on the fiber height.

The elastic granule gauge ranges from o,5 to 1,5 mm of three kinds:

  • SBR rubber from recycled tires
  • SBR rubber dyed in green
  • EPDM green rubber; high-mechanical resistance and stability with no scent whatsoever

You can check the tech specs of the different products


Footbal Fields Construction Diaries



Elastic Base

Using Niberma elastic base for a football field confers better elasticity to the turf. Even so,  sometimes the choice depends on the weather conditions, geographical circumstances, etc. In some cases, the comfort coming from the rubber granulated can be accompanied with an elastic base that sometimes replaces the asphalt agglomerated. The “in-situ” elastic layer of 10 to 25 mm is made of  100%SBR granulated rubber  mixed with a special polyurethane agglutinant. It is applied with a special spreader machine that is Planomatic, leveler and compacter with a vibrating and self-heating ruler.

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