The creation of paddle tennis clubs is becoming more common every day as is not counting on the proper infrastructure. A good solution is the installation of covers over the existent courts, especially  in clubs where it rains often or simply want to shelter from the strong sunlight and make the most of the playing hours.

Niberma designs tailor-made covers for paddle tennis courts catering for the terrain and club conditions giving the possibility of covering all the courts under the same roof (with the premise of these courts layout).

Fotos de obras de pistas cubiertas


The advantages of the modular metallic structures are the same as the prefabricated units:

  1. Paddle tennis and tennis covers, etc and sports facilities are inexpensive. The budget will be presented in advance. Closed price. Moreover, the light modular metallic structures needs little foundation.
  2. Paddle tennis and tennis covers, etc and sports facilities quick installation:

– Manufacture: the metallic structure and the cover needed are completed in two weeks.
– Installation: With our own staff the installation of the metallic structure, cover and walls (if needed) are installed from 7 days due date.

  1. Paddle tennis and tennis covers, etc and high-quality sports facilities:

– High-tech structures. Both the detachable light metallic structure and the trademark are registered and patented.
– The modular metallic structure complies with the current regulations (snow and wind stress required for this construction)
– The standard includes galvanized metallic structure, weld-free (100% screw in) with zinc screws and galvanized metallic covering finished and even waterways.
– Its prefabricated modular structure allows the inclusion of different finish for each client and the customization according to aesthetic needs required.

  1. Paddle tennis and tennis covers, etc and versatile sports facilities. Its character as modular structure allows it to be considered:

– 100% detachable sports facilities or covers.
– Movable and low-cost facilities
– Easily and cheap enlargeable sports covers
– Modular structures able to be installed over any terrain even where some other constructions are not permitted or viable like rustic soil.
– Rain protection
– UV radiation protection
– Cushions rain noise
– No need to use artificial lights during the day
– Avoids condensation and humidity on glass
– Possibility of digitally impressed advert banners
– Competitive price
– We adapt to any sort of court model and situation
– Lengthen the life of your lawn and courts


Tech Specs

Illustrative design scheme:


– Modular-curve with screwed clamps, easy to mount and dismount
– Wind, rain and climate agents resistant
– Officially approved


– Heat galvanized Z-450 and Z-275
– Reinforced with frontal, linear and cross fastening
– 7m high under waterways and over 9m at zenith



– Special paddle canvas covering
– Raffia fiber or canvas fronts with the possibility of including printed adverts


The structure comes prepared for the perfect fastening of the special paddle canvas by an exclusive system made of two highly durable PVC profiles that are UV proof treated and achieve a perfect water tightness.

Besides, this system avoids holes and tears that may lead to reducing durability in the canvas.

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