If you need the floors of your business or industry to comply with the sanitary regulations, we have the solution with a wide range of surfaces: standard, anti-slippery and anti-static.

Any humidity issues in the concrete or asphalt basis will be solved by the different systems of our range of surfaces.

Our epoxy resin surfaces NIBERMA MULTILAYER are waterproof, no pores, no joints. They will not allow the water  or dirt penetrate so they are hygienic and easy to clean. The complete paving for 1.000m2 takes about 5 days. It can be scheduled daily not to interfere with clients.

Epoxy resin surfaces NIBERMA MULTILAYER  are designed for daily industrial activity with heavy weights and middle-high mechanical stress. They are highly resistant to chemical abrasion.

Our epoxy resin NIBERMA MULTILAYER systems can be installed in their standard version (e) , anti-slippery (R) or antistatic (AS), in different thickness and colors of our RAL chart (check availability)

Multilayer advantages

Complies sanitary regulation CE 852/2004
Complies Technical Code of Edification , Royal Decree 314/2016
Complies resistance to slippery UNE-ENV 12633:2003
Inexpensive system
Quick installation
Slick or anti-slippery finish.
High resilience to wearing
You can check our maintenance guide

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