Outdoor Sportives

In order to choose an outdoors sportive surface it is paramount to know the issues found by each customer so as to find the best solution to fit their needs.

Niberma as a professional and specialized company in sportive solutions offers our FREE-REPORT service whereby our technical department will inform at no cost or compromise about the solutions according to the client’s requirements.

There are many systems that can be installed as outdoors sportive surfaces, our recommendations are:

Sportive resins or paints. This system consists of successive resin or paint layers over a bearing-base of concrete or asphalt in an endless choice of colors (color chart). The resin system offers the advantage of being easy to clean and maintain

NIBERTRACK rubber system. It is a system executed in rubber to a 15mm thickness. NIBERTRACK rubber system offer the great advantage that can be applied over asphalt or concrete bases even if they are deteriorated with big cracks. This avoids having to demolish them and building new ones.

Niberma Turf. It is an ideal product for tennis, five-a-side football or different sportive options. Its main characteristics are the low maintenance and the reduction of injury risk.

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