Parking Lots and Garages

Nowadays, one of the main problems found in parking lots and garages finished with polished concrete is the wearing of the surface that generates a lot of dust, oil and grease that can penetrate into the concrete and they are difficult to clean and maintain.

You can ask for a FREE and non-binding REPORT on the current state of your floor (humidity, concrete resistance, pathology of the surface) that will ease the choice of the ideal surface.

Niberma; as professionals in the application and installation of floors and surfaces, recommends our system NIBERMA TC EPOXI or NIBERMA TC PU as they do seal the concrete and avoid the dust coming from the wearing of the concrete surface. They are continuous floors junction free and easy to clean and maintain. There is a wide range of colors from the RAL Chart for an endless choice of finishing your parking lot or garage.

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