Polyurethane Cement

Niberma polyurethane cement systems are highly recommended for surfaces under high wearing stress by heavy duty vehicles and extreme temperatures. They are junction free floors very easy to clean, high chemical resistance and nice decorative aspect. The colors are yellow, cream, green, red and grey.

Within Niberma systems, NIBERMA PU CEMENT with a base of high-performance polyurethane resin can endure temperatures from -40 C up to +120 C, it is highly resistant to slippery and mechanic stress. Niberma polyurethane cement system is internationally certified including EN13813 & EN1504-2 CE.

The range of colors can be checked in the technical department. Thickness varies from 2 up to 12 mm. It is suitable for alimentary industry, warehouses, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and by and large any sort of industry.

The advantages of  cement polyurethane surfaces are:

– Complies sanitary regulation CE 852/2004
– Complies Technical Code of Edification , Royal Decree 314/2016
– Complies resistance to slippery UNE-ENV 12633:2003
– Resistant to extreme temperatures from – 40 C up to +150 C
– Continuous pavement with no junctions easy to clean
– Hygienic surface
– Possibility of installing different degrees of anti-slippery.

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