NIBERMA commercializes vinyl or PVC surfaces suitable for businesses, schools, public administration, leisure venues, bars and, by and large, any highly concurred areas.


The surfaces in PVC or vinyl available are:


Niberma commercializes sports PVC surfaces that can please the most demanding costumers.
Niberma offers a wide range of sporting products with PVC and vinyl base in different levels of thickness created by the state of the art CLP system.
This system ensures an easy maintenance and long-term resistance. As for commercial surfaces, Gabo offers Gabo Acoustic that has gone through the most demanding quality tests and it is the most suitable material for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes or recreational areas.


Polyflor is one of the most important manufacturers to a national and international extent and it encompasses PVC and vinyl surfaces for sports or recreational areas. It offers one of the largest collections in the market.


DWL Armstrong vinyl or PVC surfaces comprises a quasi-unlimited variety of designs and colors choice as well as the new collection.


Altro is a referent in the field of PVC and anti-slippery surfaces, its unique security system has contributed to the reduction in the number of accidents caused by slipping and falling over the course of the last 50 years.


Gerflor is a word reference in the production of PVC and vinyl surfaces for all kind of indoor flooring. Our great range of products, namely; Mipolan, Taralay, GTI, Taraflex and many others meet the highest standards in building, sports, residential areas and transports.

Rubber inevitably stains PVC floors:

Avoid mats and rugs with under linings made of rubber.
Protect furniture and chair legs with PVC or polyamide pads (do not use rubber legs or wheels)

Do not ever use wax with solvents or vitrifying varnish to clean PVC or vinyl surfaces. Use felt pads underneath waxed furniture legs. Avoid acetone and other PVC solvents by all means. Use a door mat without rubber lower layer. Before start the maintenance of the surfaces, wait at least 72 hours for rolls and a week for tiles.

We do recommend four sorts of maintenance:

Very low maintenance = treatment products
Low maintenance = products with polyurethane treatment (PUR)
Normal maintenance = non-treated products
Special maintenance = antistatic and conductive products


A correct maintenance fosters appearance preservation and lengthens the product’s life. The frequency in maintenance depends on the kind and quantity of transit, dirt, color and composition of the surface. Our policy concurs with the maintenance systems endorsed by the manufacturer which are easy to be followed.


Sweeping the floor to remove any dirt. Remove any rest of adhesive on the surface by using a clean and wet cloth. Clean the floor thoroughly with the appropriate product (neutral soap) following the instructions on the bottle. For those surfaces that require wax, the initial cleaning must be carried out using the correct paint-removing. When applying wax, we recommend at least two layers of a low-bright and satin product.


For those areas with potential spills of grease, a slightly alkaline product is recommended. For big areas, a rotatory machine or polisher with a blue 3M disk is recommended.
Those PVC or vinyl surfaces without wax ought to be cleaned consistently with a well-wringed mop or a rotatory machine with a blue 3M disk and neutral detergent. If wax has been applied, a red 3m disk must be used to strip it out, the process must be repeated periodically and then reapply wax with the blue 3M disk. To enhance preservation, waxing the surface is recommended. Not following a proper and steady maintenance, will shorten the life of the floors and fade its presence.

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