NIBERMA in its constant innovation process has developed a range of  hi-tech acrylic resin and epoxy surfaces for their application in the field of construction and flooring.

These surfaces are perfectly adapted to the current market needs and its final application.

Sports resin surfaces comprise all NIBERMA products developed fort this target market that are mainly used in flooring both indoors and outdoors such as sports fields, bike lanes, pedestrian paths, roundabouts, parking lots, etc. as well as junction sealing and protection & waterproofing of floors. We can highlight works done over bridge boards.


The efficiency of flooring is based upon:

  • The cleanliness and preparation of the surface
  • The use of quality products
  • A good technique of applying


The flooring solutions of our products are multilayer systems in which every layer act proactively with each other, transferring the stress and achieving much better resistance than they would get independently. The correct union between layers is paramount for a successful application.


Niberma Elite System.

By and large, for sports flooring our recommended system consist of:

Cleaning and preparing the surface.
Applying a priming layer: preferably NIBERMA A-1 (50% diluted)
Two layers of NIBERMA S-0 (amount between 2-3kg/m2 depending on the support texture)
Two layers of NIBERMA S-1 (amount between 400-600 g/m2 depending on the support)


The main features of our system  are the following:

Resistant to sunlight and weather changes in the area.
Stable and long-lasting mechanical attributes: contain a high level of resins that confer high resilience to atmospheric agents and pedestrian transit.
Shrugged finish which is very pleasant and fine, anti-slippery, comfortable and safe for users.


Floors classification according to Technical Code of Edification: Result of anti-slippery test norm UNEENV 12633: Class 3, Rd>45

Application in cold: easy to install, junction free, easy to handle and homogenous look.
Nontoxic materials.
Aesthetic finish.
Affordable solutions.

The final result of our resin floors is a colored surface, waterproof and resistant to abrasion. They are water-based products without organic and nontoxic solvents. The product is cured when the water is evaporated.

Our resin surface system is generally used as a finishing and protecting treatment to concrete and asphalt surfaces both outdoors and indoors. This enhances their aspect and it is completely compatible with this sort of basis.

It can be supplied in different colors, under demand, with the guarantee of a homogeneous tone over the paved surface.


Sports Surfaces

The quality of a sports resin surface is determined by its flexibility, displacement coefficient, resistance to abrasion and durability. Amongst all the possibilities of resin surfaces in the market, the ones that best suit these qualities are those underpinned by a flexible base; asphaltic surface finished with synthetic resin.

The sports systems with resin surface consist of a color surface treatment based on a multi-layer application of the different products of the system.

The quality of the resin surfaces used in the manufacturing of the products guarantees the flexibility of the field.

The sand and gravel are specially selected to ensure such texture that the surface is not slippery or too rough so as to avoid a premature wearing of the balls and shoes. The high percentage and quality of the pigments ensure a long-lasting color result.

Tennislife Cushion-5 System


Tennislife Cushion® system is a sports surface is specially designed for high performance tennis usage.

The superposition of consecutive the layers that make up the system provide this resin surface an extraordinary elasticity that allows prefect bouncing and a game comfort never seen to the date.


Its maintenance and versatility are too very appreciated qualities by the tennis clubs, high performance centers, public and private organizations which have tested its characteristics and durability for over 25 years.

Technical Features:

  • Continuous and junction free
  • Uniform bouncing all over the surface
  • Low maintenance and easy to repair.
  • Long lasting
  • Surface approved by the Spanish National Tennis Federation and the International Tennis federation
  • Aesthetic finish (color choice)


Comfort Characteristics:

  • High impact absorption
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Gradable ball bounce
  • Glide control (even with wet surface)
  • Flexible and comfortable for players’ feet
  • Playable after storms
  • For amateur and professional use


Medical Characteristics

  • Low injury risk
  • Reduces muscle stress transmitted to the user’s body
  • Allows quick direction switching without much traction
  • It does not block players’ feet
  • Reduces falling


Sportlife System

Sportlife® system is a resin surface specially developed for outdoors sports such as: football, football 7, five-a-side football, basketball, fronton…

It is based in a structure of asphalt or concrete base finished with synthetic resins, it guarantees a good abrasion resistance as well as a proper aesthetic aspect contributing to  comfort when practicing sports.

Sportlife® system is manufactured under strict quality parameters that ensure a flawless  performance even under extreme temperatures.


– Designed for sports in schools, clubs, sports centers…
– Great resistance (designed for intensive use)
– High durability and low maintenance
– Waterproof and anti-slippery surface


Sportplus system

Sports flooring over asphalt mixtures specially designed for amateur sports following the best quality/price balance in the market. The system is made by means of the application of successive layers of Bituminous Composeal  (bituminous mortar) to seal the supporting base, a layer of Resurfacer L.P.E. (acrylic mortar) as a background layer, two Compotex (acrylic mortar) to confer texture to the system and a layer of Paintex (acrylic paint) to seal the system.

Resin Surfaces maintenance. Click here.

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