The Company


Thanks for your interest in our company and wanting to know more about us. I am glad to introduce you to Niberma, we are a big family dedicated to industrial and sportive construction, and highly specialized in resin flooring and floor painting. Our compromise is that of the client’s excellence and in order to achieve so we count on a humane staff (we are over 20 workers) who combine over 30 years of experience with youth which makes us meet the most demanding clients’ expectations.

We are a company committed with quality and environment fulfilling the most demanding standards, therefore, Niberma is certified by ISO 9001 quality regulations and ISO 14001 of environment.

We follow nowadays society and add our little contribution with Social Corporate Responsibility by charity, sportive sponsorship and helping improve employment.

So as to accomplish our compromises we count on 8.000 square meters headquarters in Molina de Segura and Alquerias (Murcia) that allow us guarantee a permanent service with minimum delivery periods.

You are all invited to our facilities, works, meet us, see us work with honesty, eagerness, discipline and energy. These are making us grow in a sustainable way meeting our clients’ excellence levels.

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