Niberma is adapted to the new material building systems for leisure and housing with almost no maintenance, it counts on an exclusive department of turf sales and installation that meets all clients’ needs.

Niberma turf complies with the most demanding regulations and controls that makes us a leading reference in the market.


The advantages of turf installation are:

– Low maintenance

– Realistic look

– Pleasant feeling

– UV light resistance

– No more excessive water usage

– Perfect all through the year

– Easy installation



– Niberma turf only requires a small water spray to remove dirt and dust and keep the humidity in the fibers.

– In cases of extreme usage of Niberma turf, those flattened fibers would be easily restored by a simple comb.



–    DIN61151:   quality, primary support, emulsion and thread composition

–    ISO1763: stitch count, knot count and fiber quality

–    ISO4919 : fiber mooring

–    DIN4004: color resistance

–    ISO5081: traction resistance

–    NEM: flammability



– Niberma Garden Turf has a life span of around 10 to 15 yeas if it is used for the leisure purposes that is made for. This product has been subjected to premature aging and detachment tests.




Q: Where can turf be set up?

A: Turf can be placed over any surface, tile, asphalt, concrete, etc. In case of a sand soil, there must be a base of gravel so as to prevent mud formation in rain conditions.

Q: what is the duration of turf?

A: turf has got a life span of 15 to 18 years depending on the usage. The warranty goes up to 8 years.

Q: How about my pets?

A: There is no inconvenience at all. Turf is resistant to any pet usage. Any dirt can be removed with a hose. In case of solid depositions, they must be removed with a glove or plastic bag.

Q: Does the color fade away? Is it resistant to UV light?

A: Anything that is outdoors is affected by sunlight, more specifically by UV radiation. Niberma treats its turf with a technology that protects it from fading away by being exposed. The UV stabilizers stop negative radiation from penetrating into the fibers. That color can be altered by the attack of chemical agents. Niberma recommends using non-abrasive neutral detergents and never dissolvent.

Q: Is it flammable?

A: All Niberma turf models are made of fireproof materials. Our turf has fire resilience Class 1 according to DIN51960. Turf, as any other product out in the market, can be worn to different extents depending on the heat intensity but you can be sure that fire will not be spread along it.

If an ember or cigarette is dropped, there might be nothing but a black stain. In fact, if it is removed rapidly, it will not even be noticeable.

Q: Is silica necessary?

A:  Sand is expensive. Besides, it must be installed, maintained, taken to your terrace (if the installation happens in there), etc. Turf with sand is not in use, apart from football fields by regulation. Turf’s filling already works the effect.

Q: can swimming pool bleach damage turf?

A: All the materials in our turf are completely resistant to bleach effect.  Hence, it can be used in the pool area without any concerns.

Q: To what extent does it pay off?

A: You will recoup your investment in 2 to 3 years. Nevertheless, if you used to hire a gardener for the maintenance of your garden and lawns now you are saving that service and recouping quicker.

Q: What is the maintenance like?

A: Turf maintenance is cheap and requires of  little resources. Mainly, any weeds falling on it must be removed and it has to be combed every once in a while. If it is turf with filling and it is heavily used, the level of silica must be replenished periodically.

For a best vision about maintenance, we recommend that you visit our turf maintenance section.

Q: does it cause any allergic reactions?

A: Turf is made of hypoallergenic materials so it does not cause any reaction unlike lawns.

Additionally, being an artificial product reduces drastically the presence of insects especially in summer time. The level of drainage together with a good installation will minimize puddles and therefore mosquitoes.

Q: is it difficult to install? I have no experience.

A: There must be an even  surface, in fact, if you have tiles or concrete; you have 90% of the work done. Otherwise, it can be leveled with sand; remember that the surface needs to be compact to avoid potential visual imperfections.

Q: are there going to be puddles after the rain?

A: If the installation was correct and the base or surface presents the ideal slopes, there must not be any puddles. Turf can drain up to 80liters/minute/m2.

Q: Can I use any products to make it smell like natural grass?

A: Nowadays, there is a great deal of products to be sprayed and give a natural-grass scent. Moreover, they will not damage turf and will fade in a couple of days.

Q: I need turf to be shipped to me. Is it included?

A: Turf shipment is complicated and costly as the materials are bulky with 2m wide rolls so we always charge shipment.

Q: Can I come pick it up from your warehouse?

A: Yes, of course. We can ship it anywhere or you can pick it up from us.

Q: What if I spill anything over it (food, drinks)?

A: It is made of non-absorbent materials so it can be cleaned easily. In the event of paint or chemical products spill, contact us.

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