Walk-In Freezers

Floors and surfaces for walk-in freezers are under low-temperature conditions that reach up to -20C, they must be anti-slippery, junction free, easy to clean and maintain. Nowadays, they need to comply with:

– European sanitary normative CE 825/2004
– Technical code of edification Royal Decree 314/2016
– Anti-slippery regulation  UNE-ENV 12633:2003

You can ask for a FREE and non-binding REPORT on the current state of your floor (humidity, concrete resistance, pathology of the surface) that will ease the choice of the ideal surface.

Given that they need to endure extreme conditions, Niberma as professionals of installation and application of floors for walk-in freezers recommends our systems NIBERMA POLYURETHANE CEMENT and NIBERA METHACRYLATE. These surfaces that can tolerate extreme temperatures, they are anti-slippery, junction free and easy to clean and maintain.

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