Warehouses and Logistics

Warehouses and logistics centers are usually industrial areas with pedestrian transit, fork lifts and heavy duty vehicles. Some of the most common problems in these zones are humidity, grease stains, oil spills, cracks and lumps on the concrete

You can ask for a FREE and non-binding REPORT on the current state of your floor (humidity, concrete resistance, pathology of the surface) that will ease the choice of the ideal surface.

The surfaces or floors recommended for warehouses and logistics centers depend on the mechanic features needed in the area. Niberma; as professionals in the application and installation of floors and surfaces, recommends NIBERMA MULTILAYER for warehouses or logistics centers with heavy-duty and fork lift transit. For those with pedestrian transit and the odd fork lift, we recommend our NIBERMA TC EPOXI or NIBERMA TC PU system, junction free, easy to clean and maintain.

Niberma abides by the regulations ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 which make our works comply severe quality and environmental protocols.

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